With over 100 children and many parents getting involved we were able to reach our target of planting over 61 trees, including 1 Royal Oak sapling from the Queen’s Sandringham Estate. The children enjoyed face painting and fancy dress costumes, there was a raffle with many children’s prizes for the lucky winners. Thank you to all parents who donated cakes, raffle prizes and summer bedding flowers. This made the day really fun and special; a day which we hope the children will remember for a long time to come. The trees will stand as a legacy to the event and we hope that people will want to return in the future to see how the trees have grown.












A  big ‘thank you’ should also go to our nursery secretary who donated anumber of trees which she has nurtured personally. These were planted by the secretary together with some of the children in our new Forest School area. These trees  include Hazel, English Oak, Birch, Mountain Ash Rowen, Laurel and Cherry.



We were also very honoured to have special guest Sara Knight attend our event, Sara is a leading professional and advocate of the benefits of outdoor learning for young people. Among many great achievements Sara has focused her PhD  research on Forest Schools and has written many books on the subject. After attending our event Sara said “Thank you for having me! I have enjoyed the experience enormously… I am pleased to see a setting really taking on board the importance of linking children to nature in as many ways as possible. It is good for them, good for society and good for the planet”.

If any parents would like to come along and spend an afternoon with their child’s class in the Forest School area please speak to one of the class teachers, we would love to see you there.