Busy Bees Farm is an extension to our nursery school founded in 1981.The “farm” is a 12 acre site at the rear of the school. We view it as our outdoor classroom. Here we endeavour to provide the very best educational opportunities for children and adults to learn about our countryside and encourage its sustainability, using it as a vehicle to encourage children and parents to make good food choices, whilst building a love and respect for nature and our planet.

The children are actively involved in all aspects of our farm including – growing, harvesting and cooking their own vegetables, fruit and herbs.

They learn the basics of spinning, weaving, felting and natural dyeing. In addition we keep our own bees, chickens, pygmy goats, 2 sheep, 3 ponies and a herd of thirty six beautiful alpacas. The animal waste feeds six 40’ long worm beds. We aim to be as self sufficient and eco friendly as possible.

The children enjoy participating in team building activities and are actively involved in planning and organizing their work. You can contact us here and get directions to the Farm here